Sannyas Yoga Academy makes history with the launch of the first yoga school in Uluwatu

January 23 17:54 2018
Sannyas Yoga Academy announces the launch of the first of its kind yoga school and retreats centre in Uluwatu, the Bukit area, Indonesia

Sannyas Yoga Academy has announced the launch of its yoga school and retreats centre in Uluwatu Bali. Indonesia. The yoga academy is making history as the first and only yoga in Uluwatu, the Bukit area (southern tip of Bali), located next to the best beaches of the Bukit. This affords the people of Bali, tourists, and travellers the opportunity to get the best of yoga classes close to the famous Padang Padangand Uluwatu beach.

Yoga is one of the oldest and most effective stress relief therapies that does not only free the body and mind of stressors and other such issues, but also helps the soul, body, and mind to develop naturally. Yoga has also been discovered to be an effective healing and disease prevention technique, as it fortifies the immune system of the body and prevents it from many diseases. However, while the popularity and acceptance of yoga and its techniques continue to grow, this is no corresponding increase in the number of quality yoga academy.

Therefore, Sannyas Yoga Academy founded by lifestyle entrepreneur, therapist, Yoga teacher and philanthropist, Alessandra Sannyas, is launching the first of such academy in Bali to offer yoga teacher training and retreats to the local community and tourists. With Bali being a popular tourist destination, this offers travellers and tourists another reason to visit Indonesia and Bali to be precise.

Located next to the best beaches of the Bukit and the famous world class waves of Padang Padang and Uluwatu, the academy offers a 26- days yoga teacher training that includes 200 hours of specialising in Shamanic yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, and tantra. The training will be delivered by a team of highly qualified teachers that have been trained by world yoga masters.

The academy will also offer retreats in between the training, with the first training, while remaining open for daily classes for tourists and the local community. The training in February organised by the academy is already sold out. However, enrolment for the next training will commence from March 16, 2018.

The team at Sannyas Yoga Academy consists of the founder and director, Alessandra Sannyas, Ana Lucía Fariña, a creative musician, yoga instructor and graduate of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, Thatja, a passionate and experienced tantra teacher, LifeStyle Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, and Holistic Yoga Teacher, Valentina, a nutritionist, therapist and surf coach dedicated to integrating the practice of meditation into surfing, and Jonathan, a highly recognized and well-respected anatomy teacher and practitioner.

Participants will also have an opportunity to see the famous beach where the Hollywood blockbuster, Eat, Pray, Love was filmed.

About Sannyas Yoga Academy

Sannyas Yoga Academy was founded by Alessandra Sannyas, a passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, therapist, Yoga teacher, artist, and philanthropist. She founded the academy as part of her mission to live in alignment with her life purpose to explore, harmonise and empower the human spirit.

Born in Milan, Italy, Alessandra felt the pressure of the stressful city lifestyle and seeing people living in the pursuit of an imaginary healthy and happy existence. Consequently, she left home to travel the world and what it has to offer. Meeting and learning from world masters like Don Jose Ruiz, Osho’s successor, Louise Lynn Hay, Michael Beckwith, she wanted to contribute more to the world. This led to the establishment of the Sannyas Yoga Academy, where she helps her students to remove limiting beliefs and blockages, reprogramming the mind and body for success from a place of understanding, clarity, and love.

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